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Church Pastor Martin Lundström founded the Lutheran Literature Mission in 1975 after 17 years as a missionary in Kenya. He received the base plate for the business as a gift from preacher Signar Andersson who during his illness crashed the car with friends making a collection for a new car. Signar Andersson gave the money to Martin Lundström who saw the need for Christian literature.

The translation of Rosenius Dagbetraktelse into English became a springboard to other translations. Over the years, the work has expanded. More and more countries have received writings in India, Russia, Kenya, Ethiopia and others. LLM has primarily been responsible for the printing costs. The recipient is usually responsible for translation and distribution.

Martin Lundström lived at Luthergården together with his wife Gunborg. Today, Luthergården is a center where books and Bibles are stored before they are distributed. Today, a large part of the correspondence also takes place.

After Martin Lundström's death, Parliamentary Tore Nilsson became LLM's chairman.

Today, a board of directors with geographical proximity to each other works ideally in deciding which books to print and where the books should be distributed.


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